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Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration


In the past vehicle headlights were made of glass and were affordable. Today, headlights on most current vehicles, are constructed using a lightweight, but tough, polycarbonate plastic that can cost as much as $400 per light. This type of plastic is great because it provides a favorable set of attributes that include: optical clarity, impact resistance and the ability to tolerate high temperatures. Although it is hard, it also is porous and susceptible to environmental elements. To counteract this condition, a silicone hard coat is applied to the lenses at the factory. Keep in mind, that after-market headlights may not have this coating. The hard coat is designed to protect the headlights from acid rain, vehicle exhaust, heat, bugs, scratches, harsh chemicals, and the sun. Over time the coating on your headlights wears away, allowing them to turn cloudy, oxidized, or yellow. This can reduce night-time vision by up to 70%, causing an unsafe driving condition.



At Platinum Touch Detailing we can restore the beauty of your headlights for a fraction of the cost for new ones. Our process starts with sanding the headlights, beginning with a coarse grit. As we continue this process with finer grades of sandpaper, we are able to bring back the optical clarity they had when new. The headlights are buffed and polished to a clear shine. Finally we apply a protective coating to seal the headlights. An average headlight restoration takes about 2 hours. We can also provide this service to taillights as well.

Did you know?


     ● Heat generated from halogen bulbs can degrade the hard coat

     ● Hazy or discolored headlights restrict performance at night and in adverse weather

     ● Diminishes light output by as much as 70%

     ● Negatively affects reaction time to hazards and your safety

     ● Generally makes your car look bad

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