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Colorado Protection


Our Colorado Protection Package protects your hood, fender tips and mirrors. We even wrap the leading edge of your hood for maximum protection.


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Guaranteed Auto Paint Protection Performance


This rugged, nearly invisible car bra product was originally designed to protect race cars and helicopter blades. The Clear Bra auto paint protection system is so tough we guarantee that it won't fade, yellow, crack or peel as long as you own the vehicle. Clear Bra helps to preserve your investment and, ultimately, improves resale value. Clear Bra film can be installed to protect your hood, fenders, headlights, fog lights, mirrors, bumper, rocker panels, tailgate, and virtually any other surface at risk. It also maintains the beauty and integrity of finishes on motorcycles, RVs, boats, trailers, and motor homes. Clear Bra allows you to enjoy your ride, knowing that your investment is covered with the Ultimate Vehicle Protection.


Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film

Bra Damage

Ultimate Auto Paint Protection


Clear Bra automotive paint protection applies the protective concept of the vinyl car bra, only in the form of a clear, razor thin film that protects vulnerable auto surfaces from roadway debris. It’s an auto paint protection system that prevents chipping of the paint and lights on your valuable automobiles. At only eight mils thick, 3M Paint Protection Film (aka Clear Bra) composed of a self-annealing outer layer combined with an energy-absorbing under layer. Tough and reliable, Clear Bra also insures against bug damage, minor abrasion, and weathering.

Custom Installed Paint Protection System


Our custom hand fitted installation produces a finished paint protection system that enhances the style and design of your car.  Clear Bra film is carefully shaped and molded to compliment the vehicle’s natural lines. This nearly invisible car bra goes on completely clear, allowing true paint color to shine through. The film is installed on the leading edge of the hood is tucked and protected, leaving no line to peel or collect dirt. And unlike unsightly bug shields and leather/vinyl car bras, a Clear Bra auto paint protection system is totally aerodynamic and requires no special aftercare or maintenance.

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